JBL L100 / L-100 Century Speaker Review, Specs and Price

JBL L100 L-100 Century Speaker

The JBL L-100 Century is JBLs most famous vintage speaker from the 1970ies and is an absolute classic. It has been produced in several versions over the years, so it is well possible to find slightly different midrange and tweeter placements. You can find an example of a newer design at the end of this article. 
When JBL focused on offering foremost consumer electronics (vs. professional studio equipment) in the 70ies, it started the L100 model, which became the most sold speaker model up to that date. No other company had produced a speaker with similar sales. Therefore JBL continued to build and sell the L- series and introduced newer versions with improved drivers and crossovers throughout the 80ies.Those newer speakers of the L-series do not have much in common with the original L-100. Read for example our review of the JBL L112 Century II speaker.

JBL L-100 Strengths and Weaknesses

The JBL L-100 Century was a milestone and huge success for JBL, but was not free of weak spots. At first to its strengths:
  • It has been noted in professional magazines at the time that the JBL L-100 lacks distortion at a level that has been outstanding.
  • It ranked with some of the most accurate speakers out there and Stereo Review Magazine claimed that "certainly no other has been better". Such ultimate statement is not professional, but it gives an idea of the impression the speaker has made.

As mentioned, the L-100 has a few weak spots, some of which decreased over the years with new versions of the L-100, other models and other drivers. Commonly claimed weak spots of the L-100 are:
  • The JBL has great drivers (considering the cost), but lacked a decent crossover. Upgrading the crossover can be fairly difficult and its finetuning requires special equipment. Overall, it can be overly costly to work on the crossover, if you are not a professional.
  • They have the frequently called "West Coast" sound, a little flat with fairly punchy bass. 

 JBL L-100 Century Specs

The JBL L100 measures 23 1/2" to 14 ½” to 13 5/8" and is therefore a rather large bookshelf speaker. The cabinets are made out of real wood, which causes the weight of 45 lbs. per speaker. This combination was a bit of a problem for me, as the speakers were neither suitable for any of my shelves, nor were they suitable to stand on the ground due to their sze. I, and many other owners did finally buy small stands, which I can also recommend, as it gives the speakers the elevation, hight and position they require to shine.
Each L100 has a 12” woofer, 5” midrange speaker and a 1 1/2” tweeter. Noteworthy are the controls for high- and mid-frequency adjustment. The speaker sound is dynamic, remains very clear on high volume, but basses are rather “punchy”. Personally I felt most comfortable when listening to Rock, but have the feeling that they are not too suitable for fine vocals. Other reviewers noted too, that they did not like to listen to Jazz or female singers on the L100.

Refoaming the JBL-100

The JBL-100 is definetily worth it being refoamed. Many of them have rotted foam surrounds which can easily be replaced. A refoaming kit can usually be bought for around $30-40, replacing the old foams will take around 1 to 2 hours and is not difficult at all! It does not require any particular skill, just a calm hand and a little patience. We tried out several available foams and recommend to use an 12 inch Surround Kit from Parts Express. You can find a fitting refoam kit here: > Speaker Surround Kits <. Alternatively, ask in one of the big HiFi forums, you will likely find assistance quickly.

JBL L-100 Century Price: $380-550
(Depending on overall condition, keep in mind that broken drivers are fairly expensive for this model)

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  1. Anonymous11/21/2014

    Sometime around 1974 I had purchased a pair of Bose 901-series II. The bass response was such that it rattled everything in the house that was not nailed down. After 2 weeks, I returned the speakers to the store where I had bought the 901's. Because I had drilled holes into the bottom of the 901's in order to attach the speaker stands, the best the store would do is offer me a pair of JBL L100's and a pair of speaker stands in return for the 901`'s. I took the deal and it was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made.

  2. Anonymous12/10/2014

    None of the drivers in the JBL L100 have foam surrounds; all three have cloth/textile surrounds so you should disregard the "Re-foaming" paragraph above. The only foam on the L100 is around the tweeter baffle which should be replaced.
    In a normal room (not too live or dead) the midrange control should be turned down quite a bit.
    The only real acoustic problem with them is that from around 200Hz to around 1500Hz they are lacking detail.
    Thus the problem with vocals and jazz through the middle midrange although it is more forgiving on rock and pop.

    1. Anonymous12/20/2014

      The L100 DID have foam grill covers. The lab monitors had only a simple black clorh grill. The lab monitors perform about the same but have a different speaker layout and are not quite as attractive.

  3. A pair of L100s were booming inside a 4,000 square foot Salvation Army in 2004. Wasn't familiar with the model but they were JBL. Good condition. Foolishly left the store to do some research before plunking down big bucks. Called them 30 minutes later with hold those speakers request. The manager seemed anxious to get rid of them before they were poked and destroyed since they were missing the grills, but he tossed in some covers from other speakers I could modify and get to snap on JBL pegs. $50.00 plus tax.

    $60 for a set in good condition at Salvation Army in 2003.

    1. Anonymous7/19/2015


    2. Anonymous7/19/2015

      Excellent! That's like winning the lottery!
      Grille color: black, probably.
      (Did you keep the boyfriend?)

  4. Anonymous4/29/2015

    I picked up my pair off the sidewalk - someone was throwing them out and I didn't even know what I was picking up. Was thinking my boyfriend could use them for spare parts... then googled them - now I use them and they occupy the space atop some speaker stands on either side of my 65" smart TV. Best garbage picking find ever! They just need new foam - now the decision, blue, black or orange.

  5. Just picked up a pair for $10 on the side of the road in a small town in eastern Washington state. They look beat up. can't wait to try them out

  6. Just picked up a pair of these offered for free at the end of a driveway. Heavy mothers! They sound great, particularly classical music with a wide range of instruments. I will need to gently clean them up (scratches and the need for some poly) and replace the grille cloth. I might consider the foam kit, but I cherish getting things like this to look new without too much invested, just my labor. They definitely are too heavy for my 60's scandinavian wall shelving.

  7. Anonymous1/16/2016

    I am the original owner of these I purchased back in '74, powered by my sansui 9090 bought in '76.....and they both still rock. Yes, raise them a bit off the floor. These kids today don't know what they're missing. Oh well, Ziggy did play a mean guitar.


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