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This website does at this point offer roughly 50 reviews of loudspeakers from the 1960ies to 80ies, of which I have owned most at some point durig the past 10 years. I enjoyed writing these reviews and have received much positive feedback for my (I have to admit) fairly subjective reviews. Your comments and suggestions mean a lot to me and I frequently read that this or that speaker is missing and should have its own post.

I´d love to write many more speaker reviews, but it has become increasingly challenging to find and purchase classic speakers I have not yet owned. Also, they need to be somewhat affordable to me.

Write a review and receive a gift card:

In case you own a set of classic speakers or other vintage audio equipment and are also fascinated by its history, quality or just enjoy them, write your own review of them.
I will post your review on this website and to thank you, you will receive a $25 / £20 or giftcard from me. I hope that over time this blog can become a small database of classic speakers with background information, specs and personal stories.

If you are interested in writing a review, please email me:

Let me know the exact speaker you would like to write a review on. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

What a review can contain: 
  • information about the producer of your speakers 
  • specs, size, weight, etc. 
  • strenghts and weaknesses 
  • technical information 
  • your story: How you acquired them, what you like/dislike about them, etc. 
  • at least 600 words in length, more is appreciated
As a review becomes much more interesting, if some pictures of the speakers or audio equipment are attached, please attach at least two pictures of your equipment. I also require this, as I want to avoid scam, something which unfortunately happens a lot, as soon as a money is involved.

What a review should not contain: 
  • A copy of an article or review, written by someone else but you


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