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Dynaco A-25 Speaker Review, Specs and Price


Dynaco and the success of its A25

The audio equipment company Dynaco was founded in 1955 and produced affordable speakers, which were at the same time of decent quality. Their products from the 60ies and 70ies are still on the vintage market and if you can acquire a set of Dynaco speakers you will usually get a set of good quality speakers for little money. Dynaco´s popularity shrank in the 80ies, after a successless release of a new series of speakers and ended finally with the acquisition by Panor Corporation in 1991.
The Dynaco A-25, a speaker of the” A-series” was Dynaco´s most successful loudspeaker. It is a bookshelf speaker produced in Denmark and has been sold over 600k times at an introductory price of under 80$, a price that was highly competitive to other brands and is one of the main reasons why this speaker was so successful.

You found this speaker? Clean it!

We frequently receive images of old, dusty speakers that some lucky owner found in his or her garage after decades of storage. Others purchased an old set of speakers for little money at a garage sale. Our advice: Don´t let them deteriorate, but also don´t scratch them with the wrong tools. 
Instead: Clean them carefully. Get a set of soft brushes and other cleaning utensils. If the wooden speaker cabinets look dull or out of color (e.g. due to sunlight), give the wood some new life: 
1. wipe off the dust . 
2. take a very fine sandpaper (1000 Grit and finer) and to sand down the wood. 
3. Use an oil finish, ideally "natural" to maintain the original wood color, such as Tried and True danish Oil

Dynaco A-25 speaker review
The Dynaco A25 is a 2-way speaker, which reduced the problems that can occur when different drivers cover the same frequencies. Each speaker is 20” x 11,5” x 10” and weighs about 20 pounds. As most speakers of this time, it features walnut veneer. Considering the small size and age of these speakers, one is surprised about the tightness and strength with which the bass hits. I have never tested A-25s under very high volume, but read that they will become less clear in this condition. However, if you plan to gather a decent vintage sound system, the A-25s are a great catch and they are comparably easy to find too. Have a look on ebay or craigslist and you will usually find several sets at a decent price. The A-25´s younger brother, the Dynaco A-35 can also be an alternative, as they are fairly similar. Check out our review of the Dynaco A-35 speaker. Decent for this speaker is approximately between 200$ and 280$, depending on the condition. You should expect to pay around 350$ for a pair in good condition on ebay, being refoamed or with old foams in good condition.
As these speakers were rather affordable they were targeted by a group of everyday listeners, maybe families, but less by enthusiasts who would care about them with extreme attention. Therefore you will find sets that have some scratches or stains more frequently. If you find some for around 100$, with stains or scratches, you can easily sand them and give them a new finish. They will look like new!

Dynaco A-25 Price: $180-340
(Depending on overall condition, Broken foams sometimes lower the price significantly)


  1. Anonymous4/27/2014

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    2. I bought a new set from Allied in the mid 60s, in high school for me... always wished I'd spent the extra $10 for teak. Anyway still have them, used w/a receiver for sound on my TV. One thing unlike JBL foam, Dynaco, Seas speakers used Rubber surrounds and never need "re-foaming" Craig

  2. Anonymous4/11/2016

    Every few years, I try out newer speakers and have always taken them back. Haven't found anything that matches the warm sound of these babies!
    Yep, they're almost 50 years old, but people still comment on their good sound.

  3. Mr. Kilian. Thank you so much for this site. I am trying to determine whether to upgrade my a10's to either a25's (or a35's if available?) or AR4's (x or ax likely). This site is invaluable.

  4. I found a pair @ Good-Wood for $5! I've had them for 20 years and listen to them every day. Very easy on the ears. If women like the way they sound, as I understand womens ears hear slightly brighter than a mans, they work for the whole house. I always liked the fact they didn't sound great loud, as it saved them from getting too overstressed
    Great site!

  5. I found a pair at Goodwill many years ago... For $5.00!
    I like the fact they begin distorting early up the volume scale. The kids don't like the way their music sounds too loud.
    I have used them almost daily since. Even though they have retired to my 'office', they have seen a new life.
    Placement options were no longer an issue. I was able to find the best spot for them and leave it. The people who have heard my simple low watt Class A rig, are amazed at the sound-stage, presence, and how they control the harsher higher freq's. People were re-attracted to my records.
    "Hey, Throw this on for a minute!"
    I hadn't heard that comment except from a few hardcore vinyl-heads,
    Placement is what brings these to life, it makes them almost invisible.

    I appreciate everyone here.
    I think I may have a deep seated loathing for an industry who pushes the fact it's OK & right to listen to music on 1 inch speakers we reserved for cheap headphones... and still do, REALLY?
    This site is great!

  6. I bought a pair of A25s during a blizzard sale in the midst of the Blizzard of 77 in Buffalo. I'll never forget that 10-mile drive that took 6 hours. to this day, they are still the best sounding speakers I have ever heard. They are especially good for acoustic jazz.

  7. Anonymous11/30/2017

    I have a pair of A25's that I love, but the grille cloth is disintegrating. I can't figure out how to open these up. No sign of screws anywhere. Any suggestions?

    1. Anonymous4/10/2018

      Screw is hidden in bottom corner under Dynco metal name plate.

    2. Anonymous4/10/2018

      They are from the early 70's and fair market value is $80 to $100.
      Very natural and laid back sounding!
      Enjoy the music!

  8. Anonymous12/17/2017

    The frame with cloth is glued to the barrel,no screws,no spikes.
    You have to bend the framesides a lot,and it's difficult avoiding to keep the outer frame with veneer intact.Old plastic credit cards are very useable as protection behinding tool. I love and also refurbish Sonab Carlsson orthoacoustic speakers from the nineteen seventies. A-25 is a great speaker with a big soundstage and great presence of instruments and voices.This I heard directly after a short testlistening.Bought them after some bargain in a car boot sale.The Dynaco logos were missing so I was not sure what model or company .They were heavy and only paid 200 swedish Crona/ 20 bucks, so no big lost if garbage... That was 3 years ago.Still have them,still play them,along with Sonab OA-2212,OD-11,OA-12,OA-6 type2,Yamaha NS-1000M.

  9. Anonymous12/21/2017

    Bought a set of A 25s in a box lot at an auction about 3 years ago bought the box for an older Marantz Receiver had no knowledge of Dynaco Sold the Marantz Kept the 25s even though I have a set of B&W 805Ns I play them a couple days a week New Vintage type cloth can be had on ebay easy to replace Just Love em

  10. I've been in the market,casually, for a pair of a-25. I would use them in near-field with either a small desktop amp/DAC (26w/ch.) or a Denon 7.2ch receiver.( 75w/ch.)

    I'm wondering what the efficiency is for the a-25's. Most of my speakers are @ 86db, while my Klipsch RP-160m's are 97db. If the Dynaco's are at least as efficient as my B&W 601se's, then it's all good, and they'll sound fine on either amp.

    1. I've found and kept a pair of A-25's for about a year now. They sound as great as everyone says. Worked great on this very large desktop.

      Unfortunately, I've recently purchased a pair of ADS L810's, and they're easily the best-sounding speakers I've ever owned. So I might have to find a home for the Dynacos, the B&W's and the Klipsch's.

  11. Anonymous2/25/2018

    I compare everything I hear to my floor ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer speakers. Nothing comes close. But, after getting married to my wife's A-25, I had to use them while ESS was being re-coned (after 42 years). I was extremely pleased. In fact with our McIntosh power amp and pre-amp, they sounded really, really good. So glad we kept them. Will now use in a rec-room.

  12. Anonymous3/05/2018

    I bought a pair of A-25's for $24.00 that someone dropped off at my Goodwill Store. In excellent condition. Walnut Veneer just needed a little Old-English and Lemon Oil and back to looking new! They sound as good or better then my AR-38's I use too. Never selling the Dynaco A-25s! I'm running them with a Marantz Recevier. Great lows and highs.

  13. I just got a pair of these that were in an old house. They were built into the wall. So they have not been moved since the house was built. I don’t know how old they are but they have a stamp made in Denmark. They look really old but really good condition because they have not been moved. So a couple small scratches from the installation of the speaker into the wall. Or the removal of the speaker from the wall. I plug these in and wow. They have a serial number on how do I know what year they were made in? I noticed on some of the pictures on the Internet it is Engraved made in Denmark. Mine has a stamp, made in Denmark in blue. I don’t know how much money these are worth but they sure do sound fantastic next to my Boze speakers. It is amazing that these sound better than the speakers that are made today. How do I get these things checked out? These might be the holy Grail of the A-25’s

    1. I'm not sure about engraving vs. a stamp. I still have a pair that I purchased new in the early 70's with the stamp. They traveled with me, from coast to coast and back, during my 8+ years in the US Navy ('76–'84), and still sound great to this day. About 8–10 years ago when the cabinets and grill cloths were showing their 'battle scars,' I refinished the cabinets in matte black along with black grill cloths from a local upholstery shop. Now, I don't care what Antiques Road Show thinks of them. The fact that they look more contemporary and still sound great is all that matters to me.

  14. A friend of mine passed away and left me 2 pair of them. they are amazing speakers and shortly before he passed away he put new surrounds on them, plus he left another set of the Woofers and tweeters that also had been rebuilt. I really like these for the fidelity of them at modest volume. So many stiff paper speakers have to be pushed much higher to reach their optimal sound quality.. I am keeping one set and selling the other pair WITH an extra woofer for each included for $290.00 shipped in the USA.. You could resale the pair of woofers alone for $50.00 each. Sorry I have plans for the extra set of tweeters.. I take PayPal and have a 5 star 100% positive Ebay rating.

  15. I've had a couple pairs of A25s for five or so years. running through my SS sansui 6900 and 555a integrated amps they sounded decent, especially the mids. upgraded to some monitor audio bronze floor standers for a 45 watt tube amp. i recently learned A25's match well with tube amps so gave them an audition with some high end trasparent music wave speaker cables. oh my. the soundstage is to die for. the mids and highs simply lovely. i have never heard my dynacos perform this good. meanwhile my Monitor audios, which i generally like, are collecting dust. highly recommend positioning the A25's on their side with the woofer positioned in towards the centre of the soundstage. they seem to perform best this way. most importantly, match them with a tube amp if you truly want to reside in dynaco heaven.


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