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Rogers LS7 Speaker Review, Specs and Price

Rogers LS7 Speaker ReviewThe Rogers LS7 speaker usually shines in reviews, as it sounds highly accurate and clear, but does not lack strong depths at the same time. The LS7 speaker was manufactured by Swisstone Electronics Ltd. and sold for 265 Pounds at the time of its release.
The speaker was available in black and teak walnut veneer. Under the veneer, the cabinets consist of 12/18 mm MDF, not of Plywood. The LS7 is a 2-way reflex system and is designed to be stand-mounted and has an internal volume of about 30 litres. The two speakers are a 25mm soft dome tweeter (Celestion T1001) with a protective cover and a 200mm bass and midrange speaker with a polypropylene cone. The sound quality of the Rogers LS7 is highly accurate and according to a variety reviews (see links below) the coloration was very low.

It is fairly difficult to find a Rogers LS7 nowadays. Even on ebay it is rather uncommon to find a pair of them. The price for the LS7 is fairly stable and does not decrease significantly, in case the cabinets are in slightly damaged condition. They usually sell between $150 and $300, in most cases around $200. The price and availability does vary strongly by location. In the UK (and the price is usually around $200 for a decent pair. does offer the LS7 more frequently.

You found this speaker? Clean it!

We frequently receive images of old, dusty speakers that some lucky owner found in his or her garage after decades of storage. Others purchased an old set of speakers for little money at a garage sale. Our advice: Don´t let them deteriorate, but also don´t scratch them with the wrong tools. 
Instead: Clean them carefully. Get a set of soft brushes and other cleaning utensils. If the wooden speaker cabinets look dull or out of color (e.g. due to sunlight), give the wood some new life: 
1. wipe off the dust . 
2. take a very fine sandpaper (1000 Grit and finer) and to sand down the wood. 
3. Use an oil finish, ideally "natural" to maintain the original wood color, such as Tried and True danish Oil

Frequency Response: 50Hz – 18 kHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms – nominal; 88dB
Maximum Output: 107 dB

LS7 Price: $150-300
(Depending on overall condition) 

 Great and thorough review of the LS-7 Review of the Rogers LS-7

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